Why should you journal? Here are five life altering benefits that could change everything.


Are you one of those people who has a journal that you look at every now and again promising that you will write in it, ‘later tonight?’ Are you perhaps one of those people who have heard about the amazing life changes that come from journaling, have bought the most beautiful journal you could find and yet somehow still can’t find the ‘time’ to journal?

I was one of those people for a long time, journaling on and off and using all sorts of excuses along the way. But until you make change, until you make a choice to start putting that pen to paper everyday, the mystical benefits of journaling are going to elude you my friends. 

Now I am sure you have all heard of someone, at least one person, who dedicates a certain amount of their happiness to a daily routine of journaling. I am sure you have had really good intentions to become one of those people. You have purchased the perfect journal, you were even able to keep to writing in it for at least a week but soon enough you found yourself writing less and less frequently, until the momentum stopped and so did the words leaving your pen.

Until you make a choice to start putting that pen to paper everyday, the mystical benefits of journaling are going to elude you...

Generally, even though we tell ourselves that we don’t have ‘time’ to journal, the reality is that we didn’t see the type of progress or change that we were expecting, within the week or month we tried it. I am here to tell you that I am not surprised. Journaling is kind of like a Pantiene Pro V commercial, ‘it doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen’. 

Personally journaling has helped me in a variety of ways and I can credit it with so many of the wonderful opportunities I have had in my life recently. But I would be amiss to say that the results of journalling were obvious to start, because the reality is that the visual or physical impact of journaling is the last to appear. The most important changes that journaling will make are internal.

And so without further faffing about, here are my current top five reasons why you should pick up your journal every damn day.

1.You deserve a point of view. You deserve an opinion. 

I know that for a lot of people, including myself at times it is really hard to have an opinion of your own among certain individuals. It could be because you are intimidated by the strength of someone else opinions or it could be because you are afraid of backlash regarding your own opinion, either way it doesn’t really matter. Your journal is a place where you get to have final say, you get to make your point of view and make your opinions real tangible things.

If you are currently working on building your confidence or are struggling with differences in opinions with the people that you work with, live with or love, writing down your thoughts and finding confidence in your own beliefs before you give voice to them, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

2. The ability to remind you how to show up in life.

When you put pen to paper and start to write there are lots of choices you can make, you can write lies of course but generally speaking people write about their hopes and dreams. They write about the things, places and people that make their lives worth living. On the hardest of days being able to look back and read about the happiest and most joyful of times is no small thing. They are your words and your experiences after all - just look how far you’ve come.

Your life is worth living to its utmost fullest and every word in your journal is proof of a life well lived to the best of your ability. 


3. A place to check-in WITH yourself. 

Self-doubt is a massive pain in the ass for all of us. It doesn’t matter who you are, we have all been there, we have worried about something we have said, done or decided. We have played out conversations in our head a million times or gone over decisions that were made worrying about just what we have done. 

Having a journal gives you a place to get that shit out. It is a place where you can remind yourself of who you are and why you do the things you do. That you are not a person who hurts someone on purpose but you are a person who is doing their best.

The reassuring conversations that you have with yourself in your journal would also be helpful if you said the words while you looked in a mirror - but that would just be weird. 

Sometimes we all need to remind ourself just who we are, what we believe in and what amazing things we are trying to do for the people around us.

4. It records the things that matter, the things you have fretted over and have been excited about. 

I am a big believer in following your intuition and to do that you really need to keep track of the decisions you are making. You also need to notice and remember the feelings you have before making any decisions or choices that just ‘feel right’ and the outcomes that they have. 

However, even if you don’t follow your intuition (just yet) being able to record the choices and decisions you make in life, how they pan out and what you learn along the way is incredibly useful. So much of what we learn and experience in life simply fades away on the journey home from work or a long day out. We simply forget. But being able to keep track of changes, events and movement in your life gives you a little bit of a foothold when it comes to really believing in yourself and the decisions that you make. The records you keep and the feelings you have had about choices and decisions you made in the past will also help determine your future path. Just consider that.

5. It instigates and promotes positive change. 

Do you have one of those friends that every time you talk to them they are always complaining about the same damn thing? It’s like they don’t even know they are doing it… You give them advice, they ignore it, you tell them they need change, they ignore it and so you just continue to listen and the cycle continues.

We have all been there, we have all had that friend, actually, we might have even been that friend! The truth is though, ‘this friend’ might not be able to hear themselves as they complain about the same thing over and over again. 

They might not consciously not know they are doing it at all. 

However, if you are someone that journals, if you are writing things down… You are REALLY going to notice if start to write down the same things over and over again. You are not going to be able to miss it and you are going to get over yourself and your inability to write anything else really quickly! It is you my journaling friends, that will take the initiative to make change simply because you have had enough of being stuck in a repetitive cycle. You will have gotten sick of yourself and your inability to move past the same complaints long before anyone else has!
Honestly, when people complain to me about the same things again and again I tell them they should write it down. Partially so I don’t have to hear it anymore and partially because I know they will FINALLY hear it! 

Those are my FIVE top reasons why you should pick up your journal to write in today and every single day after that!

Tell me in the comments below which of these benefits would you appreciate most in your life right now and remember to subscribe :)