Five Simple Tips For Healthy Road Trips


In the last six months I have been on three road trips and whilst that might not seem like a lot to some people for me it’s a new type of adventure but one that I have been loving. In actual fact, if it were a realistic option I would seriously consider Joe’s desire to purchase a Land Rover Defender- but it’s not realistic right now. Sorry babe! One things I have noticed on these trips however, is how quickly our healthy routines can just disappear into absolute oblivion.

Seriously what is it about three hours in the car that makes one long for a stop at McDonalds? 

Only just this weekend past did Joe and I return from a weekend drive down to Norwich, a smooth 7.5hr drive down from Bonny Scotland. I knew in the lead up to this trip that it would be a long one and that Joe and I would be stuck in the car together from upwards of 14hrs in the space of three days. I was also well aware that if we weren’t more prepared than our last road trip we would be eating all the wrong types of foods for such a long journey sitting in one spot. And so I got my shit organised! 


I don’t Know what it is about going on holiday that makes the consuming of water so difficult but I honestly find that it’s the first part of our healthy lifestyle to go straight out the window. (Actually its probably the fear of not being able to find a toilet when nature calls!) But regardless of this I made it my intention to drink as much water as possible on this trip as it is truly one of the easiest things you can do to maintain your health. Joe and I recently purchased 946ml HydroFlasks and honestly they are one of the best things I have every bought. I am a massive believer in using a reusable bottle whenever possible but up until now I had one that looked really good but didn’t even fit a full 600ml of water. I could pretty much down the thing in two big gulps. This new bad boy is a whole lot better and if I can manage two refills I know that I have consumed my minimum amount of water for the day. These Flasks keep liquids either cold or hot, so I do know that when it’s needed I’ll be able to hold hot drinks or soups in there with no issue!



There is nothing that makes me hungrier than sitting for hours on end doing absolutely nothing in a car. The whole concept of a road trip in so many of our minds is closely associated with bags of crisps and junk food. Cheers pop culture, much appreciated! In order to bypass this issue we made sure to pack plenty of our own snacks including, fruit, nuts, chocolate, banana bread and sandwiches. Not only does this stop us from spending a whole heap of unnecessary cash, it also means that we are able to eat as and when we are hungry, preventing one of those situations where you basically, ‘go grocery shopping hungry’. And we all know that no good decisions are made about food when you go shopping hungry. If you want to stop for a burger somewhere along the way - go for it! We did! But considering all the good things we had consumed in the lead up, a burger as a final stop was not an issue. 

Tea/ Coffee:

My self-control is good but honestly it’s not always great and there is nothing I love more than a coffee shop. Coffee shops generally sell muffins and I am all over a blueberry muffin when given the opportunity. I wish I was kidding. On this trip, both on the way to and from Norwich Joe and I had a third thermos filled with tea. We chose a black tea with soy milk on the way there and we filled it up with green tea for the drive home. We also took along our Frank Green travel cups as they are pretty fantastic at not creating spills and pack super easily (unrelated, they are also really cute). It also meant that when Joe did want to get a drive-through-coffee there was no extra wastage!

Essential Oils:

Yep, I love essential oils. We can move past my love and talk about the three that I use most in the car at the moment. The car we had hired this time around was honesty a little on the grubby side which meant that a little wipe down was in order using the essential oil I most associate with a clean and clear space, Tea Tree Oil. To help with the air quality in the car and the dry feeling associated with both heating and cooling I like to use eucalyptus. I am still recovering from having the flu and when you have a dry mouth from air conditioning the smell of Eucalyptus Oil goes a long way in having your airways work a little easier. On the same note, both helping with airways and for me helping with travel sickness is my friend Peppermint Oil. A little bit on the temples is or a simple sniff from the bottle is an absolute blessing, because no one enjoys motion sickness.


Space fillers:

Uhhh so it might not come under the traditional sense of health but if you are going to be in a car with someone or someones for a long period of time you should probably do your research and have something lined up to listen to, because wether you like it or not people are going to get sick of your voice, as well as their own. Music is great, Joe and I both have different tastes and we do well with taking turns on music selection (that’s a fib, I generally play DJ) but recently we have found that Podcasts work best for us. On a long drive a podcast is informative, it gives your brain something to work with and is a hell of a lot more positive than the news - stuff that shit. Our personal favourites to listen to on adventures (at the moment) are LORE, A Cabinet of Curiosities and My Dad Wrote a Porno (obviously this last one is good for a laugh - can you imagine if your dad wrote a porno?!). The best thing about Podcasts? They also give us something to chat about between episodes or between areas of internet signal!

These are my top 5 tips for a healthy road trip for body and mind! What are your top tips for keeping happy and healthy whilst on the road?